Workout Thursday 1/21/2016

Welcome to the first daily workout post! Each day, you will find the daily suggested workout posted as well as some suggested strength and recovery exercises.  Those of you who join for the 12:30pm class each day can expect to fit in the warmup, workout, strength and recovery in 1 hour.  If you are following along at home, you may pick and choose what part (s) of the workout work for you and your schedule!


  1. 5 minute warmup on any machine desired
  2. 3 rounds of 5 reps for each movement today (man makers, reverse flys, v-ups, reverse lunges)
  3. Workout: 30 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 manmakers, 10 reverse flys, 15 v ups, 20 reverse lunges each leg (with or without weights). Record your number of rounds
  4. Stability series (intro: 1 round each)
  5. recovery work (basic stretching routine)

I look forward to seeing you all at 12:30 at the Bartley Center!

Overview of Christoph Coaching for Spring 2016: Let’s Stay Injury Free!

I recently conducted a survey among my fitness enthusiast colleagues at Holyoke Community College and my clients in my personal business.  A few major themes stuck out:

  1. Health: To be free of injuries and sickness, and be able to perform the activities of daily living with ease.
  2. Aesthetics: To create a body that is strong and lean.
  3. Training Goals: To complete an event, such as a challenging hike, a half marathon or 10k race, or a charity bike ride or walking event.

It immediately became apparent that:

 #3 could help with #2:

The amount of running, cycling, or hiking that goes in to event preparation creates an energy deficit that supports leanness.


#3 has the potential to negatively impact #2

The amount of running, cycling, or hiking that goes in to event preparation creates an energy deficit that negates strength gains.


#3 could help with #1

The amount of running, cycling, or hiking that goes in to event preparation creates an a positive cardiovascular benefit, helping to prevent chronic disease.


#3 has the potential to negatively impact #1

Consistent movement in sagittal plane with no attention to muscles that require lateral movement could result in injury


The demands of training for an event could potentially put the immune system at a disadvantage, increasing the likelihood of cold, flu, and sinus infections during these winter months.

Therefore, our training system this semester will include the following:

  1. Well Designed Strength Program that focuses on strength, power, posture, and stability to encourage strong bodies that don’t only run, bike, or hike quickly, but also are all around FIT! Take a sneak peak here of the program we will be using!
  2. Crossfit inspired metabolic conditioning routines that get the heart pumping, while recruiting a variety of different muscle groups so running, hiking, and cycling muscles do not become overworked. See some sample workouts here.
  3. Daily recovery exercise to support injury prevention. You will need a foam roller and a lacrosse ball (for those who come to my classes, I will provide lacrosse balls for you!) for these recovery exercises.
  4. Suggested training plans that accommodate all of these extra activities and allow for time-sensitive training!  See a sample program here.

The official program begins on Thursday, 1/21/2016 at 12:30pm at the Bartley Center lobby.  For those of you who cannot make our daily workouts in person, I will provide resources on this blog to help you follow along at home!



Welcome to Christoph Coaching!

Thank you for visiting Christoph Coaching!  My name is Dr. Laura Christoph, and I am thrilled to combine my training in nutrition, love of sport and fitness, and passion for mindfulness, yoga and meditation in this blog to help you reach your full potential.10846140_10152847712607527_9144514970974622904_n

As Winston Churchill once said, “Continuous effort…is the key to unlocking our potential”.  My hope is that with constistent attention, focus, and action, you will unlock your potential for optimal health.

I will provide weekly updates for suggested workouts, tips on nutrition, and resources for yoga, meditation and recovery.  I hope this will help you cut through the confusing, often contradictory nutrition and fitness advice flowing through your email inboxes and social media sites daily, and provide some easy-to-follow food and fitness and recovery habits, that when practiced consistently will lead to a better quality of life.

I look forward to going on this journey  with you in 2016!