Week of 1/30 Workouts

Already through the first month of 2017! I hope everyone’s fitness and nutrition aspirations are still going strong!

If you find that life is getting hectic, try these quick and easy breakfast options to keep you going!

If you find you are struggling with stress management, try one of these meditations (5 minutes or less!) to help you find your center in the midst of a chaotic day!

This week, we will do some speedy spinning interval pyramids on Monday and some endurance work at our informal Wednesday bootcamp!

10 minute warmup
2 rounds of:
30 second sprint/30 seconds easy, 1 minute sprint/1 minute easy/1:30 sprint/1:30 easy/2:00 sprint/2:00 easy/1:30 sprint/1:30 easy/1:00 sprint/1:00 easy/30 second sprint (5 minutes steady riding between)
5 minute cooldown

5-10 minute warmup on cardio machine

warmup sequence: 10 inchworms, 10 lunges each leg/10 downward dog with leg to knee/leg to pigeon sequence, 10 squats

10 minutes on treadmill or bike hard
50 kettlebell swings
50 pushups
50 sit ups
10 minutes on treadmill or bike hard


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