Nutrition Tips and Workouts for the Week 1/22-1/27

Check out my latest Mass Appeal episode for some tips and tricks to stay on track with diet and exercise as we approach a busy semester!

Mass Appeal Episode

We will also ease in to some workouts this week at Holyoke Community College with a long interval spin session on Monday at 12 and an unofficial Bootcamp workout on Wednesday at 12:30!

Spin on Monday
10 minute warmup
Drills, skills and mobility
4 by 8 minutes at tempo effort with a variety of hills and spin ups/2 minutes pedal light
5 minute cooldown
stretch it out!

Bootcamp Wednesday
5-10 minute warmup on machine
10 air squats
10 press
10 inch worms with pushups
10 low rows

20 minutes of
6 lunges
8 burpees
10 situps

Max effort in 1 minute of
1. pull ups
2. push ups
3. thrusters

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