Week of 10/24

SPIN! 10 minute warmup, 5 rounds of 3 minute hill followed by 5 by 30 sec sprint/30 sec easy, 10 minute cooldown

10 minutes on machine of choice.
Grassy hill sprints: 25 minutes of: sprint up hill, run down hill (or run up and down stairs 3 times), 15 pushups with side plank, 15 squats, 15 burpees with perfect form, 15 bicycles each leg, 15 mountain climbers each leg. Stretch

Warm up 5-10 minutes on cardio machine of choice
10 minutes of
even minutes: reverse fly
odd minutes burpees
rest 1 minute
10 minutes of
even minutes: squat to press
odd minutes: Russian twists
rest 1 minute
10 minutes of
even minutes: kettlebell swing
odd minutes lunge with twist
10 minute warmup on treadmill or bike. 20 minutes of as many rounds as possible: 5 pullups or low rows, 10 pushups, 15 squats, 20 bicycles each leg, 25 kettlebell swings. Stretch

If it is nice out, get out for a 45 minute run or walk. If it is gloomy, work out on a machine:
5 minute warmup, 5 minutes hard/1 minute easy/4 minutes harder/1 minute easy/3 minutes harder/1 minute easy/2 minutes harder/1 minute easy/1 minute harder/1 minute easy/5×30 seconds hardest/1 minute easy, 5 minute cooldown

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