Week of October 17

For the next few weeks, we will work on incorporating some mobility using lacrosse balls in to our routines!

Monday Spin
Spin 50 minutes with 2 sets of 10 rounds of 40 hard/20 easy, 2 sets of 10 rounds of 20 hard/20 easy

Tuesday Tabata

10 minute warmup. 5 Rounds of Tabata: Run or bike; push presses or thrusters; low row/high row; lunges; run or bike

Wednesday Cardio

Go easy for 30-45 minutes with 10 rounds of 30 second sprints incorporated randomly between minutes 5-30!

Thursday Metcon

Kettlebell Routine: warmup 5-10 minutes cardio, followed by 3 rounds of 100 jump rope, 5 pushup, 10 squat, 15 seal jumps each side, 20 high knees/but kicks, 15 jumping jacks, 10 cossack squats, 5 downward dog with knee to nose each side; 5 Rounds of 25 kettlebell swing, 20 squat high pulls, 15 rows each side, 10 push press each side, 5 burpees. Cool down and work with lacrosse balls for mobility.

Friday Freestyle

Enjoy nature today! Go for a walk or run on your lunch break and enjoy this gorgeous time of year!

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