Workouts Week of 9/26

Here Comes the fall weather!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got tot enjoy the outdoors a bit!  We have a fun lineup of workouts this week, complete with baskets of apples to take home as prizes on Thursday!


Monday Spin

10 minute warmup, 5 by 5 minute progessions with 2 minutes rest, 5 minute cooldown

Tuesday Tabata

10 minute warmup. 5 Rounds of Tabata: Manmakers, pullups, pushups, v-ups or sit ups, thrusters

Wednesday Cardio

Go easy for 30-45 minutes. Increase pace every 5 minutes so the last 5 minutes are a hard push.

Thursday Metcon

Warm up 10 minutes. 5 apples. 1 Apple in your basket for each round: sprint up to sign at top of campus. Do 20 push-ups. Run half way down, do 20 squats. Run all the way down. Do 20 kettlebell swings and 5 burpees  and get 1 Apple in your basket. Repeat 5 times. Once your basket is full of apples, your “cash out” is to hold them over head and do max squats

Friday Freestyle

Enjoy nature today!  Go for a walk or run on your lunch break and enjoy this gorgeous time of year!



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