Workouts Week of 9/19

Monday Spinning
10 minute warmup and drills, 10 by 0:40 hard/0:20 easy, 10 by 0:30 hard/0:30 easy, 10 by 0:20 hard/0:20 easy

Tuesday Tabata
Warm up 10 minutes. Go moderate weight today 1. Thrusters 2. Russian twists 3. Push-ups 4. Run hills, 5. Run flat (speed)

Wednesday Cardio
Warm up 10 minutes and do 10 by 30 seconds max effort/1:30 moderate jog. Cool down 10 minutes

Thursday Bootcamp
Warm up 10 minutes. Run up and down stairs. 1 turkish get up each side, 5 burpees, 5 kb swings, 5 row each side, 5 1 arm thruster each side, 5 v ups. Repeat with 2 sets of stairs/6 of each….keep going for 40 minutes. 10 minute cool down. Take this one sloooow and steady!

Friday Freestyle
Hike or run on your own!

Nutrition Challenge: Rather than eating pre-made high sugar salad dressings, try making your own!

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