Fall is in the air! During this hectic back to school transition time, and with colder weather coming our way, we often reach for quick and convenient meals, can’t find the time for physical activity, and tend to increase intake of heavier comfort foods.


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Lets make the commitment to a healthy lifestyle this fall by creating space for daily activity and rest, and paying attention to what we put in our bodies!

This month, I have a challenge for you that spans 4 different areas including
1. Weekly Workout Routine: This is a general overview of 5 recommended workouts for the week. These will be posted on Sunday evenings. Set a goal of how many, realistically you can do and stick with it!

2. New Move of the Month: Each month I will introduce a different exercise. We will spend the first two Thursdays of the month learning the move, and incorporate it in to Thursday workouts the second two weeks!

The move this month is the Turkish Get Up

3. Recovery Strategy of the Month: Each month, you will be challenged to focus on one recovery strategy. This might include a mobility exercise, a meditation practice, or some yoga. This month, we will start simple.

The recover strategy this month is to get 7+ hours of sleep every night!

4. Nutrition Challenge of the Month: Each month, you will be given a nutrition challenge that will help you notice your food intake. Each nutrition challenge will have 3 different “levels”, so you can choose how difficult you want the challenge to be based on your current habits!

The challenge this month is to reduce or eliminate added sugar from your diet!

Level 1: Notice your intake. When you go to the grocery store, swap added sugars for natural sugars. Note your swaps in your journal.
Level 2: Track your added sugar in foods and make sure to stick with 3 sources or less each day of foods that include added sugar or artificial sweetener.
Level 3: Try cold a turkey no added sugar challenge!

Take the next few days to set yourself up for success! The fun begins on Tuesday, 9/6!

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