Wednesday 7/13 Workout: Cardio Endurance Day

Wednesdays are cardio endurance days. Today, we will do a 70 minute workout on the bike (with optional running). We will do some effort shifts on the bike, but stay within our aerobic zone throughout the workout. For those who want to mix it up, when we are at “steady state” bike, you may choose to run instead!


10 minute warmup to steady state pace

6 rounds of 5 minutes build/3 minutes steady state

Build 1,3,5
Pick a gear slightly higher than steady state pace
seated at 80 rpms minute 1+2
seated at 90rpms minutes 3+4
seated at 100rpms minute 5

Build 2,4,6
Pick a gear 3 gears higher than last time
standing at 60 rpms minute 1+2
seated at 70rpms minutes 3+4
seated at 80rpms minute 5

In between each build, you will go back to steady state pace or take an easy run for 3 minutes

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