Thursday 7/28 (This will also be done on Wednesday night at bootcamp!)

Warmup 1 mile run, bike or other machine of choice

5 minute all out intervals: 1 group runs or bikes 5 minutes, while other group does:

1 minute kbell swings

1 minute sit ups

1 minute man makers (3rd round burpees)

1 minute 1 arm rows each side

1 minute push press/push up or handstand pushup


(repeat 3 times through)

1st round heavy weights, 2nd round lighter, 3rd round lightest (get quicker each time)

cool down and stretch

New 20 minute warmup! Monday 7/25

Happy Monday! We are going to be starting a new warmup on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to prep for spin, run and kettlbells:


We will follow this up by 5 rounds of 20 KB swings, 15 rows each arm, 10 push press each arm, 5 burpees, 1 hill sprint.

And then, we will do a nice relaxing stretch! Look forward to seeing you all there at noon today!

Workout Tuesday, 7/19

5 minute warmup on treadmill or bikeā€¦..followed by 10 minutes of 1 minute hard/30 sec easy

12 minutes of (1 minute rowing machine/1 minute pushups/1 minute crunches). Rest 2 minutes.
Then, 12 minutes of (1 minute burpees, 1 minute set of max pullups or low row, 1 minute squat to overhead press).

Stretch for 5 minutes. This is a great workout to grab a partner and switch exercises each minute!

Monday 7/18: Cardio and Lift Day

Today we will do 30 minutes of cardio followed by a lift!, working to make our heart muscle and other muscles strong!


Cardio workout:
10 minutes of warm up (5 minutes nice and easy followed by 5 minutes of 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy).
20 minute “time trial”: We will use the track or treadmill to see how far we get in 20 minutes of work.

Rest 5 minutes, towel off, and head inside or over to the weights for some lifting!

See Post from 7/11 for lifting exercises and a lifting log sheet.

Workout 7/15

I won’t be able to make in to teach group exercise today due to some understaffing at the boathouse…for your workout today, I encourage you to meet up still and do the following!

10 minute warmup on machine of choice
5 rounds of
1 pull up
3 sets of stairs
5 man makers
7 low rows with heavy weights
9 lunges each leg
11 bicycles each leg

Cool down stretch!!!!

Workout 7/14

Today is metabolic conditioning day! We perform this workout at 5:30pm at Bootcamp on Wednesday nights as well.

1 mile run or 10 minute bicycle

40 minute workout: 4 rounds of: 2 minutes bike/2 sets of stairs farmers carry style/1 minute pushups/1 minute situps/1 minute kettlebell swings/1 minute burpees/1 minute mountain climbers or bear crawls/1 minute rest.

10 minute stretch focusing on hips and back

Wednesday 7/13 Workout: Cardio Endurance Day

Wednesdays are cardio endurance days. Today, we will do a 70 minute workout on the bike (with optional running). We will do some effort shifts on the bike, but stay within our aerobic zone throughout the workout. For those who want to mix it up, when we are at “steady state” bike, you may choose to run instead!


10 minute warmup to steady state pace

6 rounds of 5 minutes build/3 minutes steady state

Build 1,3,5
Pick a gear slightly higher than steady state pace
seated at 80 rpms minute 1+2
seated at 90rpms minutes 3+4
seated at 100rpms minute 5

Build 2,4,6
Pick a gear 3 gears higher than last time
standing at 60 rpms minute 1+2
seated at 70rpms minutes 3+4
seated at 80rpms minute 5

In between each build, you will go back to steady state pace or take an easy run for 3 minutes

New Beginnings! Workout for 7/11/2016

Welcome to a new fitness cycle! We are going to spend the next 2 months improving our strength, endurance, speed and flexibility. We will get together for the local Thursday night “Holyoke Elks” Race at Ashley Reservoir on September 4th followed by a dinner celebration (Place TBD) to celebrate our fitness gains!

Ashley Res

Today, we will have a low impact cardio day paired with heavy lifting. This will help us work our cardiorespiratory fitness while keeping us strong and injury free!

We will run 30 minutes easy at conversational pace in the woods, followed by a lifting circuit:

2 sets of
15 dumbell bench press
15 high row

2 sets of
15 bulgarian split squat
15 v-ups

2 sets of
15 overhead press
15 pullups (OR MAX UNASSISTED)

2 sets of
20 sec plank hold (middle/side/side)

If you would like to record your progress, feel free to use this document!
Monday Record Log