Thursday 7/28 (This will also be done on Wednesday night at bootcamp!)

Warmup 1 mile run, bike or other machine of choice

5 minute all out intervals: 1 group runs or bikes 5 minutes, while other group does:

1 minute kbell swings

1 minute sit ups

1 minute man makers (3rd round burpees)

1 minute 1 arm rows each side

1 minute push press/push up or handstand pushup


(repeat 3 times through)

1st round heavy weights, 2nd round lighter, 3rd round lightest (get quicker each time)

cool down and stretch

New 20 minute warmup! Monday 7/25

Happy Monday! We are going to be starting a new warmup on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to prep for spin, run and kettlbells:


We will follow this up by 5 rounds of 20 KB swings, 15 rows each arm, 10 push press each arm, 5 burpees, 1 hill sprint.

And then, we will do a nice relaxing stretch! Look forward to seeing you all there at noon today!

Workout Tuesday, 7/19

5 minute warmup on treadmill or bikeā€¦..followed by 10 minutes of 1 minute hard/30 sec easy

12 minutes of (1 minute rowing machine/1 minute pushups/1 minute crunches). Rest 2 minutes.
Then, 12 minutes of (1 minute burpees, 1 minute set of max pullups or low row, 1 minute squat to overhead press).

Stretch for 5 minutes. This is a great workout to grab a partner and switch exercises each minute!

Monday 7/18: Cardio and Lift Day

Today we will do 30 minutes of cardio followed by a lift!, working to make our heart muscle and other muscles strong!


Cardio workout:
10 minutes of warm up (5 minutes nice and easy followed by 5 minutes of 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy).
20 minute “time trial”: We will use the track or treadmill to see how far we get in 20 minutes of work.

Rest 5 minutes, towel off, and head inside or over to the weights for some lifting!

See Post from 7/11 for lifting exercises and a lifting log sheet.

Workout 7/15

I won’t be able to make in to teach group exercise today due to some understaffing at the boathouse…for your workout today, I encourage you to meet up still and do the following!

10 minute warmup on machine of choice
5 rounds of
1 pull up
3 sets of stairs
5 man makers
7 low rows with heavy weights
9 lunges each leg
11 bicycles each leg

Cool down stretch!!!!

Workout 7/14

Today is metabolic conditioning day! We perform this workout at 5:30pm at Bootcamp on Wednesday nights as well.

1 mile run or 10 minute bicycle

40 minute workout: 4 rounds of: 2 minutes bike/2 sets of stairs farmers carry style/1 minute pushups/1 minute situps/1 minute kettlebell swings/1 minute burpees/1 minute mountain climbers or bear crawls/1 minute rest.

10 minute stretch focusing on hips and back