Week of 6/20-6/24

10 min warmup bike or run
5 rounds of:
15 pushups
10 burpees
5 heavy manmakers
run/bike 1 hill
15 squat
10 thruster
5 heavy thruster
run/bike 1 hill

Go for a run or walk and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

We can spin, or we can head over to Mt. Tom to run/hike the access road (B17)! We will discuss on Monday!

Grab some kettlebells and do kettlebell tabata!
5 min warmup
1 round tabata each of:
kb swings
kb clean and press (alternating sides)
russian twists
Run or machine inside
(remember, kettlebell tabata means 20 sec on/10 sec off times 8)!

warm up 5 minutes, find a hill and do 10-15 sprints up hill with jog down
cool down 5 minutes

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