Workouts Week of 4/3

Happy April! This week, we will extend our metcon time on Monday and add in a few more intense intervals on Friday. Since it is Jacob’s last week, you will have me back next Thursday for a metcon again!

Also, if people are interested in doing track workouts again on Wednesdays, let me know. If I have a good showing, I will put together more organized running workouts on the track or hill to prep us for the Girls on the Run 5k coming up!

10 minute warmup on machine of choice with the second 5 minutes including 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy; 3-5 rounds (40 minutes) of 5 pullups, 10 manmakers, 20 wallballs, 30 kettlebell swings, 40 walking lunges (20 each side), 50 sit ups; cooldown

10 minute warmup on cardio machine of choice or outside.
Workout: 10 by hill climb 2 minutes with 1 minute easy jog between
5 minute cooldown

10 minute warmup on spin bike
5 minutes hard/1 minute easy/4 minutes hard/1 minute easy/3 minutes hard/1 minute easy/2 minutes hard/1 minute easy/1 minute hard/4 minutes easy. REPEAT!
cooldown and stretch

Nutrition Tip of the Week: Ditch the Sugar!


Try eliminating added sugar from your diet for 10 days this month with the Fed Up Challenge.

Watch Katie Couric’s review of her experience here:

Katie Couric’s Fed Up Challenge

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