Tuesday 2/16 and Wednesday 2/17 Workouts

Since there is a delay today, I imagine some of you might be working out on your own. I will be running a special kettlebell class from noon to 12:45 tomorrow, Wednesday 2/17. So, if you would like to get in your run today while you likely have an on your own workout, please do!

Tuesday 2/16
Workout with Patti or….

10 minute warmup
1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 2 minutes harder, 1 minute easy, 3 minutes harderd, 1 minute easy, 4 minutes harder, 1 minute easy, 3 minutes harder, 1 minute easy, 2 minutes harder, 1 minute easy, 1 minute hardest, 1 minute easy, 5 by 30 second sprint, 1 minute easy, 5 minute cooldown.

Start your first minute at a comfortable pace and keep increasing the pace each rep by 0.1-0.2 miles per hour

Wednesday 2/17
Kettlebell and Dumbell routine

10 minute warmup
10 manmakers, 20 kettlebell swings, 30 lunges (15 each leg), 40 squats, 50 pushups, 60 sit ups, 50 pushups, 40 squats, 30 lunges (15 each leg), 20 kettlebell swings, 10 manmakers
10 minutes steady on cardio machine with 30 second sprints every 2 minutes (on 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30, 9:30)

Workouts Tuesday 2/9 and Wednesday 2/10

Join Patti Mantia at noon in the weightroom today for a workout! Or, if you missed yesterday, try doing that workout today! Note: if you don’t have access to kettlebells for the swings, you can substitute a 30 second plank hold.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 2/10), I will not be available to lead the workout. Head outside for a little winter fun in the snow, or do the following treadmill workout:

warm up 10 minutes
21 minute progression run: 6 minutes at easy pace, 5 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 4 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 3 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 2 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 1 minute max effort.

It might look something like this:
6 minutes at 5.8mph
5 minutes at 6.0mph
4 minutes at 6.2mph
3 minutes at 6.4mph
2 minutes at 6.6mph
1 minute at 7mph hardest

Cool down 5 minutes

Workout Monday 2/8/2016

It’s a new week and we have some great new workouts planned!


Today we will introduce a new movement, the dumbell thruster, and do some metabolic conditioning:

Warmup: 10 minutes on machine of choice

Walk through: 5 pushups, 5 thrusters, 5 American Kettlebell swings, pull up modifications

Metcon: 5 rounds of: 10 pushups, 15 thrusters, 20 Kettlebell swings, max effort pull ups, 3 minute run/elliptical/stairs at challenging pace