Workout Tuesday 2/23

Today I will be subbing for Patti! We will do a combination of tempo cardio work and traditional lifting. We will start at 12:30, and then have a special guest, Molly Hoyt, coming to visit at 1:15 to talk about Girls on the Run while we stretch!

1. cardio: warm up in to a comfortable pace over 10 minutes. Then, do 5 rounds of 2 minutes at 1.0mph above “comfortable pace”/2 minutes at “comfortable pace”. For instance, if you are comfortable at 6.0mph, you will alternate between 6.0 and 7.0mph!

2. Traditional lift: We will take 10 minutes after cardio to do 1 round of 15-20 reps of each of the following exercises at a challenging weight:

overhead press
high row
weighted lunges or split squat (10 each side)

We will meet in the lobby to stretch at 1:15, and Molly will join us to talk about Girls on the Run and how we can get involved!

Spinning will be cancelled this week due to a meeting I have to attend, so we will be doing a metcon tomorrow from noon to 1pm, spinning on Thursday at 12:30pm and I will have a cardio workout for people to do on your own on Friday!

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