Workouts Tuesday 2/9 and Wednesday 2/10

Join Patti Mantia at noon in the weightroom today for a workout! Or, if you missed yesterday, try doing that workout today! Note: if you don’t have access to kettlebells for the swings, you can substitute a 30 second plank hold.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 2/10), I will not be available to lead the workout. Head outside for a little winter fun in the snow, or do the following treadmill workout:

warm up 10 minutes
21 minute progression run: 6 minutes at easy pace, 5 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 4 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 3 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 2 minutes at 0.2mph harder, 1 minute max effort.

It might look something like this:
6 minutes at 5.8mph
5 minutes at 6.0mph
4 minutes at 6.2mph
3 minutes at 6.4mph
2 minutes at 6.6mph
1 minute at 7mph hardest

Cool down 5 minutes

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