Workouts Tuesday 2/2 and Wednesday 2/3

For those of you working out on Tuesday at noon, Patti Mantia will be at the Bartley Center to lead you through a fun and challenging mixture of weights and cardio.

For me, Tuesday is a great day to recover from Monday’s tough workout and get in a little yoga.  Try this great yoga for runners video, especially if you are increasing your running volume and intensity to prepare for a big race!


For those of you training on Wednesday, feel free to either:

Meet me at 11:30 at the Bartley Center for a 4 or 8 mile loop around Ashley Reservoir

Ashley Res

Ashley Reservoir is right across the street from the college and has a flat, soft surface running path all the way around!


Do the following workout at the Bartley Center on the treadmill or other machine of choice:

Warm up 10 minutes; Alternate 1 minute steady/1 minute 1mph faster/1 minute easyx10; 5 minutes cooldown.

1 minute steady should be right around where you can hold pace for an hour.  For instance, if you can run 6 miles in 1 hour, “steady” is 6mph.  Then, you increase your pace to 7mph for 1 minute.  On the third minute, you go down to 4.5-5mph for a little rest.  You repeat this sequence 10 times, or as time permits!

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