Welcome to Christoph Coaching!

Thank you for visiting Christoph Coaching!  My name is Dr. Laura Christoph, and I am thrilled to combine my training in nutrition, love of sport and fitness, and passion for mindfulness, yoga and meditation in this blog to help you reach your full potential.10846140_10152847712607527_9144514970974622904_n

As Winston Churchill once said, “Continuous effort…is the key to unlocking our potential”.  My hope is that with constistent attention, focus, and action, you will unlock your potential for optimal health.

I will provide weekly updates for suggested workouts, tips on nutrition, and resources for yoga, meditation and recovery.  I hope this will help you cut through the confusing, often contradictory nutrition and fitness advice flowing through your email inboxes and social media sites daily, and provide some easy-to-follow food and fitness and recovery habits, that when practiced consistently will lead to a better quality of life.

I look forward to going on this journey  with you in 2016!