Friday 1/29

Today is Indoor Cycling Day!  We will do a hill workout on the spin bikes.  If you choose to run or do another cardio activity on Friday, I encourage you to find an incline (or make yourself one on the treadmill or some stairs) and follow along with the time and interval sequence outlined below.  Click here for some information on the benefits of hill training (hint….those Holyoke hills are pretty unforgiving, aspiring St. Patty’s Day 10k runners)!


Warmup 10 minutes

Hill Workout:

10 rounds of 2 minutes hill/1 minute easy.  On the spin bikes we will do 1 minute of each hill seated, and the second minute standing.  If you are running on a treadmill, you might want to increase the pace or the grade for that second minute!

Cooldown 5 minutes

We will follow up this workout with a core routine


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