Workout Thursday 1/28

Today is Tabata Day!  To read a little background about tabata training, click here!

Warm up 10 minutes on any cardio machine

5 reps of each: Kettlebell swings, 1 arm kettlebell cleans, goblet squats, 1 arm kettlebell chest press, kettlebell russian twists

Tabata training workout: 8 rounds of 20 seconds max effort 10 seconds rest of:

  1. kettlebell swings (rest 1 minute)
  2. 1 arm kettlebell cleans (rest 1 minute)
  3. goblet squats (rest 1 minute)
  4. pushups or 1 arm kettlebell chest press (rest 1 minute)
  5. kettlebell russian twists

We will finish off with some recovery stretches! 9e2be330145076afd009b2bc505a61e1


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