Tuesday and Wednesday 1/26+1/27

Tuesday 1/26

On Tuesdays, Patti Mantia will lead a weight room workout at noon.  Join her at the Bartley Center for some weights and cardio!

If you have to miss Tuesday’s workout, or are very sore from Monday, try this yoga flow sequence to stretch out your body and get your heart rate up a bit while you recover from yesterday’s hard session:

Yoga Flow


Wednesday 1/27

Wednesdays are cardio interval days!  For those of you who feel like this about winter…

I will lead a 3 mile loop and 5-7 mile loop (option of 8-10 miles total) starting at 11:30am. Bundle up!


For those of you who feel a little more like this about my suggestion to run outside in the winter…..

download (1)

Here is a different option for the treadmill!

  1. warm up to a comfortable pace over 10 minutes.
  2. For the next 20-30 minutes, alternate 1 minute “hard”/1 minute “comfortable”.  For this week, just go by effort.  “Hard” should feel like the pace you could hold for 10-15 minutes if you were in a race situation.  “Easy” should feel like a slow jog.  For instance, if you run a 10k race at 10 minute miles (6mph), your “hard” minutes might be around 7-7.5mph and your “easy” minutes might be closer to 5mph.  Check out this article from the American College of Sports Medicine if you are interested in learning WHY interval training is an important part of your fitness plan!


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